Best Smart Kitchen Hub 2022

If you want to build your smart kitchen, then a smart kitchen hub is what you need. Kitchen Hub is the one-stop platform for home and kitchen solutions. Now you can make your life easier with the best smart kitchen hub. If you want to improve your smart home experience, you deserve the best smart kitchen hub you can find.

Smart designs have earned high praise since these allow you to play with specific sensor settings. A smart kitchen hub lets you manage your smart home from the busiest room in your house. There are so many smart modes to use it will be hard to pick your favorite.

Before making any investments, you’ll want to consider a few things before choosing a smart kitchen hub. With several models and brands competing in the market, it might seem challenging to know precisely what to pick. Below we’ll be sharing with you some of the best smart kitchen hub options out there right now.

Smart Kitchen Hub

Why use a smart kitchen hub?

The Kitchen Hub lets you manage your smart home from the busiest room in your house, thanks to U+Connect. Brew your coffee, adjust your lighting and check your calendar from one system. See how to manage it all.

How much is the GE kitchen hub?

GE Appliances added a massive screen to its lineup of kitchen products last year with the GE Kitchen Hub. Functioning as a hood vent and mega smart display, it spanned 27 inches and cost $1,200.

How does GE kitchen hub work?

Two built-in cameras let you video chat with loved ones and take pictures of culinary creations to post on social media. The forward-facing camera gives you face-to-face time to chat, while the camera above the cooking surface shows off your range or cooktop so that grandma can double-check your work.

What can you do with the GE kitchen hub?

GE Appliances’ new Kitchen Hub is a mega-touchscreen that can microwave.
In addition to the microwave and its built-in camera, GE Appliances is making this version of the Kitchen Hub Z-Wave compatible so that it can act as a hub for your smart home’s Z-Wave devices. That’s not something I’d deem essential for a kitchen appliance, but it’s an excellent option for folks hanging onto the idea of a hub-based smart home.

As with the Kitchen Hub, the Next Gen Kitchen Hub offers Google Assistant voice controls, video-chatting, and SideChef for guided recipes, and it can control any other GE smart appliances in your home, too.

Which GE appliances work with the kitchen hub?

The Hub works with GE’s U+ Connect platform to integrate with other Haier/GE appliances, including washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners, wall ovens, cooktops, microwaves, and ranges. So you can control them all from the screen.

What is an intelligent Hub Nest display?

The Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max are more or less designed to perform the same kinds of tasks as Google Home and intelligent Home Nest speakers while visually displaying the information you want, such as the name of a song and artist for a track playing. They can also show lyrics or recipes, play slideshows and videos, and let you turn connected smart home devices on and off with a touch.

What features come with the kitchen hub?

  • Dual camera system: Have fun while you’re in the kitchen. Enjoy video chatting with friends and snap and share pictures of your food on social media with front-facing and overhead cameras.
  • Ventilation system: Don’t let your kitchen smell like your old dorm room. Keep your kitchen steam- and odor-free with a 600-CFM vertical exhaust ventilation system with variable-speed fan control and illuminated LED lighting.
  • Guided cooking app: Step up your cooking game with the Flavorly guided cooking app, powered by SideChef, that provides step-by-step instructions for thousands of recipes and lets you snap and store images of your favorite family recipe cards.
  • U+ Connect Smart Home App: Control your entire smart home from one place with a platform that lets you interact with your GE Appliances and other connected devices.
  • Entertainment: Stream music, shows, and movies using your favorite entertainment apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify, right in your kitchen.
  • Google Assistant: Use your voice to preheat your oven, extend tumbling on your dryer, progress to the next step in the Recipe App, check your calendar, respond to texts, and more.
  • Google apps: Keep your favorite apps close at hand in the kitchen. Download any app that’s available in the Google Play Store, including those that control your smart home products.
  • Dinner and apps: From your favorite shopping apps to your preferred smart home product platforms, you can download any app that’s available in the Google Play Store.
  • Design-driven venting: Effortlessly keep your kitchen fresh while cooking with the power of the Kitchen Hub’s 600-CFM variable-speed fan control venting system with LED lighting and a vertical exhaust configuration.
  • This is not included in a kitchen hub, but we thought you might want to check out the best-crushed ice maker in 2022.

Smart Kitchen Hub

GE Kitchen Hub

Designed as a hub for your kitchen and your connected home, the GE Kitchen Hub is a 27-inch Android-powered touchscreen and ventilation system.

Alongside the giant screen, two cameras – video chatting and viewing food on your cooktop – help you bring your cooking into the modern age. Video chat with your mom while whipping up dinner, or share pictures of your food over social media.

The Hub also features voice-command capabilities via Google Assistant and access to Android apps for recipes, music, movies, and social media. It’s essentially a really big Android tablet in the middle of your kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Hub: GE Kitchen Hub


  • Ventilation system
  • Guided cooking app
  • U+ Connect Smart Home App
  • Dual camera system

Family Hub Multi-door Fridge Freezer

The fridge is no longer merely somewhere to keep fresh food chilled or frozen when the smart home is concerned. Thanks to Samsung, the humble fridge has evolved into a ‘family hub’ with a large touch screen, a huge range of applications, and even speakers for playing music while you cook.

You can also check your calendar, look up recipes, and keep track of what’s in your friend, what’s running low, and what’s about to go out of date.

The touchscreen can also be used to play music and stream video content from your phone for entertainment while you cook.

Family Hub Multi-door Fridge Freezer


  • Food Management
  • Family Connection
  • Entertainment